Sense of Place: Engaging Indigenous Peoples

Judy BlueHorse Skelton with her PSU class at Metro's Goddard PrairieJudy BlueHorse Skelton with her PSU class at Metro's Goddard Prairie

To insure a vibrant and healthy region for future generations, we must heal the past. As Metro strives to restore ecosystems in a post-19th/20th century industrialized world, how can Indigenous ways of knowing inform the Regional Conservation Strategy for healthy living in the 21st century?  Simultaneously, tribes and urban Native community members are revitalizing cultural practices as part of a decolonizing process for healing from historical trauma, recognizing the interdependence of Peoples and land for reclaiming physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Working with PSU’s Indigenous Nations Studies Program, this project will engage tribal representatives and the urban Native community within The Intertwine region to strengthen ongoing relationships and culturally appropriate collaboration and communication regarding eco-restoration, conservation education, and Indigenous stewardship practices among Alliance partners. via educational fieldtrips and workshops that Judy BlueHorse, PSU Native graduate assistant, 150 PSU students will perform.

The project is an expansion of the work we've undertaken to increase awareness, deepen the region’s understanding and appreciation for the story of people and place, and share tribal/Native events.  The project will connect tribal and urban Native community activities with the Alliance's regional work on the acquisition, restoration, and management of natural areas.