UGI Board of Directors

Mike Faha (Chair) is a landscape architect and founder of GreenWorks. He is a LEED-accredited professional and member of the U.S. Green Building Council. Mike’s primary professional interest is in creating livable, sustainable communities that balance economic, ecological and social needs. Toward that end, Mike leads a diverse array of planning and design projects that integrate urban ecology and green development, on behalf of city and private corporate clients.

Daniela Brod (Vice Chair) is the Oregon state coordinator with the Citizens’ Climate Lobby and a former green infrastructure coordinator at the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services. Daniela has experience with community outreach, environmental program management, climate policy and advocacy, lobbying, and municipal financing and budgeting of green infrastructure. She grew up on the Willamette and believes fervently that love of nature, clean air, and the land can bind us all in common purpose

Nadja Quiroz (Secretary) is a cultural landscape planner with the University of Oregon’s Cultural Landscape Research Group under contract with the National Park Service and a part-time landscape designer at GreenWorks. Nadja has a background in ecological restoration studies with a smattering of field research experiences. She’s permaculture design certified, a former ISA-certified arborist, and is passionate about ecosocial systems, evidence-driven design, and nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation.

Tom Liptan is a registered landscape architect and a retired environmental specialist for the City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services. Liptan has assisted numerous municipalities, developers, consultants, multi-state corporations and government agencies with acceptance of ecoroofs and other landscape approaches used for stormwater management and healthy city development. His leadership on ecoroofs and green streets has also had an international impact. He has lectured and published widely, and is the author of the 2017 book Sustainable Stormwater Management.

Steffeni Mendoza Gray has extensive professional experience in executive nonprofit management including her current role as the Vice President of Operations for All Hands Raised. She serves on numerous public and private sector policy advisory committees and boards focused on children/family policy, community/economic development, urban design/planning (with a focus on the integration of nature and the built environment), and education equity. Ms. Gray is also a Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum of Oregon.

Lorena Nascimento is a PhD candidate in Urban Studies at Portland State University. Her research encompasses urban forestry, environmental justice, ecosystem services, and public participation GIS. Lorena works at Portland Community College as GIS Instructor in the Geography Department, and she serves on the City of Portland’s Urban Forestry Commission and Parks Board. She has expertise in community engagement, community based learning, and environmental education.

Jim Rapp has served as a city planner and manager, salmon recovery non-profit executive director, and private planning consultant. Most recently, he has concentrated on planning renewable energy projects (primarily for Tribes) and long range multi-use bicycle/pedestrian trails. He was instrumental in establishing the Tualatin River National Wildlife, and has served as a board member and officer of Portland Audubon, the Wetlands Conservancy, and other non-profits.

Luz Reyna is executive director of East County Rising, which is working to create an east Multnomah County parks district, organize communities to be counted in the 2020 census, and transform local government and decision-making to be more inclusive and transparent. Luz has a background in community organizing and political campaigns.

Judy BlueHorse Skelton is an educator, herbalist and Tribal Ecological Knowledge activist and practitioner. Judy has worked for the Portland Public Schools Title VII Indian Education program, Portland Community College, National College of Naturopathic Medicine, and now serves as a senior lecturer in the PSU Indigenous Nations Studies Program. She is also an author and shares widely her passion for native plants, healing through gardening, and traditional foods and health.