Our Partners

The Institute maintains a small footprint. We accomplish our mission more efficiently and comprehensively by partnering with numerous national, regional, and local nonprofits and government agencies.

Nonprofit partners include the Audubon Society of Portland, Depave, Willamette Riverkeeper and others on projects and programs related to our mission.

Agency partners include City of Portland’s Bureau of Environmental Services, Parks and Recreation, and Bureau of Planning and Sustainability; Metro Parks and Nature; Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District; Clean Water Services, Soil and Water Conservation Districts throughout the region; and U S Fish and Wildlife Service.

Portland State University: The Institute has a long-standing history with Portland State University’s Indigenous Nations Studies Program and Institute for Sustainable Solutions. 

Urban Ecosystem Research Consortium (UERC): The Institute co-founded the UERC in 2002 UERC as a consortium of educational institutions, state and federal agencies, local governments, non-profit organizations and businesses, independent professionals and students, interested in supporting urban ecosystem research and creating an information sharing network of people that collect and use ecological data in the Portland/Vancouver area.

UERC’s mission is to advance the state of the science of urban ecosystems and improve our understanding of them, with a focus on the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan region, by fostering communication and collaboration among researchers, managers and citizens at academic institutions, public agencies, local governments, non-profit organizations, and other interested groups. UERC hosts the annual Urban Ecology and Conservation Symposium at Portland State University.

The Intertwine Alliance: The Alliance was created to increase investment in the Portland-Vancouver region’s system of parks, trials, and natural areas—The Intertwine—and to better engage the public in supporting expansion and management of The Intertwine. The Institute was a founding partner in the Alliance which includes nonprofits, government agencies, health providers and corporations.

Internationally, the Institute was a founding member of The Nature of Cities which is an international platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and sharing of diverse, transformative ideas about cities as ecosystems of people, nature, and infrastructure. TNOC is committed to the design and creation of better cities for all: cities that are resilient, sustainable, livable, and just. TNOC hosts more than 600 essayists and artists from around the world who share insights into the role of nature in the urban environment.

Nick Fish, Portland City Commissioner and other elected officials celebrate National PARK-ing day downtown Portland.
Nick Fish, Portland City Commissioner and other elected officials celebrate National PARK-ing day downtown Portland.