Our Supporters, past & present

Major Funders
Since then the Institute has received support from the following foundations:
William M. Brod Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Meyer Memorial Trust
Calypso Foundation of the Oregon Community Foundation
Spirit Mountain Community Fund
Lee H. and Marion B. Thompson Foundation
Bill and Julie Young Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Jubitz Family Foundation
J Frank Schmidt Foundation
Ron and Linda Klein Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Peter H. Michaelson Foundation
Mark Greenfield/Jane Hartline Habitat Conservation Fund

Bullitt Foundation
The Bullitt Foundation, which has a special focus on urban issues throughout what is known as the Emerald Corridor, extending from Vancouver, British Columbia to Portland, continues to support the Institute for its work on green infrastructure, climate change and urban biodiversity. We owe a special debt of gratitude to the foundation for its continued general support without which we could not continue our work.

Urban Greenspaces Supporter’s Circle
The Institute’s Supporters Circle are individuals and corporations who have supported or continue to support our work at a significant financial level on an ongoing basis.

Greenfield/Hartline Fund, of The Nature Conservancy
Homer Williams
Lester J Newman
Marcia Schulmerich and John Salmon
Zari Santner and John Kelly
Steve Mullinax and Bonnie Messinger
Moda Health

Individual Donors
A large share of the Institute’s annual budget comes from individual donations. We encourage you to consider donating to the Institute’s general fund to help support our mission: To ensure that parks, regional trail systems, greenways and greenspaces are integrated with the built environment in the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region, and to promote urban greenspace efforts nationally and internationally.  The following are individual donors for 2018-2019:

Neilson Abeel
Deborah C. and Michael D. Aiona
Jan Albrich
Val Alexander
James Allison
Margaret B Anderson, Anderson Revocable Living Trust
Pauline Anderson
Warren Aney
David Ausherman
Tom Ranieri, 21 Screens
Mary Ellen Barilotti and Frank Lauran
Lynn Barlow
Susan Barthel
Gaylen Beatty
Richard Benner
Leonard Bergstein
Steven B. Berliner and Karen L. Bjorklund
Thomas Berridge
Susan Bexton
Ken Bierly
Alice Blatt
Bill Blosser
Daniela Brod
Gail Broderick
Wesley and Kathiann Brown
Rick Brown and Ruth Robbins
Elizabeth E. Bryan
SL Buono
Marsha Buono
Sandra Burch
Scott and Glenda Burns
Gudrun M Cable
Josh Cabot
Brian Campbell and Julie Goodman
Jonathan Carder and Monique Baillargeon
Don and Darlene Carlson
Mary Anne Cassin
Kevin Cavenaugh, Guerilla
Development Company
Nancy Chapman
Carol Louise Chesarek
Amy Chomowicz
Troy Clark
Bob Clay, In Memory of Mary Ellen Dandy Marmaduke
MJ Cody
James Hess and Betsy Cody
Ward Campbell, Cognitiant
Margaret M. Collins
John & Christina Cooper
Laurence Cotton
Andrew Craig Cotugno
Harold Dennis Cox and
Marilyn E Fisher
Linda S Craig
Eunice Cunningham
John A Davis
Jim DeCourcey
Lenny Dee
Marilyn Dent, Dent Joint Revocable Trust
Josh Devine
Paul Diener, Gift for Lenny Dee
Linda M Dobson
Nancy J. Doty and David J Drummond
Jean Duffett
Ivy Dunlap
Bob Durgan
Bart Eberwein
Vida Lee Edera Living Trust
Gregg Everhart
Aron Faegre
Mike and Lori Faha
Christopher Fesler and Christine E. Jeschke
Mary Follen
Stephen Frenkel and Judy Walton
Peter Finley Fry
Jill Fuglister
Rosemary Furfey and Chris Dearth
Christie Galen and Marshall Gannett
Diana V Gardener
Don and Debbie Garner
Eric Grimm
Deborah Goddard
Jose Gonzalez
Lisa Goorjian Duh
Mike Faha, GreenWorks, PC
Steffeni Mendoza and Richard Gray
Nancy and Ron Gronowski Charitable Fund
Beverly Hallberg
Judith Hansen
Donald E and Barbara Hanson
William K and Barbara Harris
Michael S Harrison
Denis and Eve Heidtmann
Nancy Hendrickson
Lynn and Don Herring
Michael Hoglund
Mike Houck
Melvin C. Huie
Lisa Huntington
Bill and Barbara Hutchison
Thomas Imeson
Betsy Jeronen
Elise Jones
Joseph and Connie Jones
Mary Anne Joyce and Catha Loomis
Mary Anne Joyce Rev Living Trust
David Judd
Tom Kelly
Doug Klotz
David Knapp
Michael R and Charlotte J Kocher
Rebecca Kreag
Sean Kuni
Jim Labbe
Edmond R and Leslie R Labbe
Theodore R Labbe and Kelly C Rodgers
John LeCavalier
Jeffrey M Lang and Ramona G Sve
Patrick T Lee and Percenia Flora
Deborah Lev
Hiram and Judith Li
Robert Liberty
Judy Linton
Tom Liptan
Ann Littlewood
Sally Loomis and James Davis
Shawn and David Looney
Kaitlin Lovell
Genevieve Lowe
Linda Macpherson and William C Gaffi
Peg Malloy
Richard Marantz
Molly Marks
Dean C. Marriott
Sue Marshall
Donna Matrazzo
Peter Mayer
Mayer/Reed Landscape Architects
Carol Mayer-Reed and Michael Reed
James McDonald
Tom  McGuire
Kathryn Menard
John D. Miller
Philip D Miller
Walt Mintkeski
David L Morgan and Susan Wladaver-Morgan
Judy Moore
Angela and Jamie Moos
David L Morgan and Susan Wladaver-Morgan
Kevin and Nancy Morrice
Muller-Crispin Cultural and Environment Fund
Chris Neamtzu
Anne Nelson
Tom and Marianne Nelson
Noelwah Netusil
Jonathan Nicholas
Kevin OHara
Bob Ornstein
Chet Orloff
Gary Oxman
Caroline & Peter Paquet
Beth Parmenter
Kathy Pendergrass
Clifford B and Cheryl T Pereira
Glenda Peters
Marc Peters
Nancy Peterson
Richard and Nancy Ponzi
Landis K. (Kelly) Punteney
Jean Quinsey
Jim Rapp
William M Resnick
Robert Rineer
Matthew and Lisa Gunion-Rinker
John Ripper and Lois Kincaid
Noriko and Duane Roberts
Linda Robinson
Kenneth L. Rosenbaum
Stuart Rosenfeld
Ruth Roth
Richard E. Roy
Steve Royce

Charlotte Rubin
Monica L Russell
Wendy Anderson
Zari Santner
Daniel Santos
William and Meredith Savery
Christina Scarzello
Mary Lou Soscia
Benjamin Schonberger
Dick Schouten
Bill Scott
Christina Sells
Ethan Seltzer
Marilyn Sewell
Michele Shapiro
Bob Sheehy
The Muriel F Siebert Foundation, Inc
Jim Sitzman
Jim Sjulin and Gay Greger
Judy Bluehorse and Buck Skelton
Christopher Smith
Jonathan  Soll
Anne Squire
Bob and Adrienne Stacey
Bruce Stephenson
Charlie Stockman
Joe Story
Eric and Suzanne Strecker
John and Jennifer Sutter
Jay Thiele
Susan and John Thomas
James L Thompson
Randy Tucker
Jim Turner
Mark Turpel
Kathy Uhtoff
Valleroy-Locklear Family Trust
Ellen Vanderslice and J Scott Parker
Pam Vohnson and David Streight
Mary and Kenzin Wahl
Larry Wallack and Linda Nettekoven Family Fund
Brian Wampler
Katy Weil
Bob Weinstein
Michael Wetter
Tonia Williamson
Elizabeth Jeanette Wilson
Robert Wilson
Voe E Wilson
Linda Wisner
Alan Yeakley
Lynn Youngbar

Your continued support makes our work possible. Thank you.
Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, a central focus of the Institute’s staff for more than 40 years.
Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge, a central focus of the Institute’s staff for more than 40 years.