Wild in the City team (from left) MJ Cody, Mike Houck, Martha Gannett, Bob Sallinger and Bob Wilson
Wild in the City, Exploring The Intertwine 2011 Co-edited by Mike Houck and M J Cody, the second edition of Wild in the City is a “must-have” reference will be the go-to field guide for hikers, cyclists, paddlers, bird watchers, and nature enthusiasts. Wild in the City contains new maps and twenty- eight unique “rambles” that explore multiple sites for recreation, wildlife viewing, or simply contemplating the joys of nature. Natural history essays by Ursula K. Le Guin, Kim Stafford, Robin Cody, Judy BlueHorse Skelton, Robert Michael Pyle, Jonathan Nicholas, and Richard Louv, author of Last Child in the Woods, offer fresh perspectives on Portland region’s wild environs. The book describes innovative strategies for creating an ecologically sustainable metropolitan region. $24.95, available at the Audubon Society of Portland’s Nature Store and in bookstores throughout the region.

Wild in the City, A Guide to Portland’s Natural Areas 2000
Co-edited by Mike Houck and M J Cody, the first edition of Wild in the City, a Guide to Portland’s Natural Areas is a comprehensive guide to the Portland-Vancouver metropolitan region’s natural areas, published by the Oregon Historical Society Press, in collaboration with the Audubon Society of Portland’s Urban Naturalist program. Organized by watersheds, Wild In The City emphasizes ecological linkages among natural areas and offers almost 100 site guides with detailed maps, to natural spaces, trails, waterways, parks, golf courses, and even cemeteries, where significant habitat or other natural history features can be viewed. The book is interspersed with engaging, lively natural history essays and colorful “tidbits” of information written by experts in their fields and those who have an intimate knowledge of the sites and natural history.

“Every schoolteacher should be supplied one for field trips. Every car should be sold with one in its glove compartment. Tuck one into every motel-room drawer next to the Gideon Bible. Front to back, there’s something in this book for everyone—a trip to take, a thought to spark a memory, a term to explain.” -Bill Monroe, The Oregonian


The Routledge Handbook of Urban Ecology
Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, Edited by Ian Douglas, David Goode, Michael C. Houck, and Rusong wang. The Handbook of Urban Ecology analyses this biodiversity and complexity and provides the science to guide policy and management to make cities more attractive, more enjoyable, and better for our own health and that of the planet. It contains 50 interdisciplinary contributions from leading academics and practitioners from across the world to provide an in-depth coverage of the main elements of practical urban ecology. It is divided into six parts, dealing with the philosophies, concepts and history of urban ecology; followed by consideration of the biophysical character of the urban environment and the diverse habitats found within it. The book examines human relationships with urban nature, the health, economic and environmental benefits of urban ecology before discussing the methods used in urban ecology and ways of putting the science into practice.

The Handbook offers a state-of the art guide to the science, practice and value of urban ecology. The engaging contributions provide students and practitioners with the wealth of interdisciplinary information needed to manage the biota and green landscapes in urban areas.

Page 76, Southeast, Green Portland, by Mike Houck.

Above Portland, Chet Orloff Editor
Above Portland offers a unique and beautiful perspective on the picturesque region of Portland, Oregon and its surrounding areas. Flying high and low, the images take the reader on a memorable journey over all that the Portland region has to offer – the bustling downtown and its world-renowned green architecture, the romantic Columbia and Willamette Rivers, the charming neighborhoods, the internationally admired transportation system, wine country, and mountains all of which come alive when viewed from above.

Along with the dramatic aerial photography, Above Portland features six topical essays written by local historians and experts essays on the history, architecture, urban planning, transportation and sustainability of Portland. Woven together with the breathtaking photography, these essays form a collaborative local voice, paying tribute to Portland and illuminating the many reasons it is a model for cities around the world.