Ensuring access to nature
Integrating nature into the city
Protecting & restoring natural areas
Adapting to climate change
Collaborating on green strategies

In Livable Cities is Preservation of the Wild

The Urban Greenspaces Institute is dedicated to ensuring that parks, trails, natural areas and healthy watersheds are integrated into our urban fabric and are accessible to everyone. While we work with national and international urban nature and green cities movements, our primary focus is the Portland-Vancouver region. With our partners, we are working hard to help build ecologically healthy cities and regions where people and nature can thrive. Read more >

The Urban Greenspaces Institute (UGI) promotes the creation of a bi- state regional system which dates back to the 1980s. Read more >

Too often conversations around climate change focus exclusively on climate mitigation strategies without addressing the fact that climate change is already impacting natural systems and built infrastructure, both grey and green. Read more >

Fish, flooding, greenways, trails, no wake zones, riparian habitat… and more. Our work on the Willamette River and other watersheds.
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