Changes at the Urban Greenspaces Institute:

Significant staff changes and other issues have meant that the Urban Greenspaces Institute's Board of Directors has decided to pause operations for the next several months. We will continue to monitor and comment on significant issues related to our motto and mission. Our motto, In Livable Cities Is Preservation of the Wild, speaks to our belief that it will be only through the creation of compact, humane, nature-rich cities that a compact, well-designed urban environment will be viewed as an attractive alternative to the land consuming sprawl that results in fragmentation of the rural landscape.

The Urban Greenspaces Institute celebrates cities as great places to live and promotes the integration of the green infrastructure---our streams, wetlands, natural areas, urban forest, parks, and trails---as essential elements of high quality urban design. A vibrant, healthy green infrastructure is a precondition of building livable and ecologically sustainable neighborhoods, cities, and regions. Protecting, restoring and actively managing the green infrastructure preserves natural areas for fish and wildlife and provides access to nature in the city; enhances air and water quality; contributes to human health, fitness and psychological well-being.

If you have questions regarding the Urban Greenspaces Institute feel free to contact Institute founder and Dir. Emeritus Mike Houck at or 503-319-7155. You may also get information at




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