Projects Sponsorships Criteria

Fiscal Sponsorship and Capacity Building Services

We provide technical assistance, technical and funding capacity support, and other services to help communities build their own capacity to improve urban conservation outcomes within the Portland metropolitan region.


Our fiscal sponsorship services can help with:

  • Receiving donations and grants with our tax-exempt 503c-3 nonprofit status
  • Review and edit, administration and record-keeping of your grant application and campaign materials
  • Revenue and expense tracking and financial statements
  • Help with communication and promotion of events through our website and social media
  • Assistance in setting up online donation platforms, such as GoFundMe
  • Connect with a wider audience and partners through our network 


Our capacity building services can help with:

  • Build collaborative partnerships across sectors that focuses on conservation, equity, and the intersection of social and environmental disciplines.
  • Analyze and create impact on policies, or help inform the climate justice and green infrastructure policy space.
  • Help build financial capacity through grant assistantship
  • Assistance with 503-c3 application process and consulting
  • Your idea here!


What we cannot offer:

  • Payroll services
  • Web hosting
  • Access to office space and facilities
  • Tax or legal advices


Contact us to learn more about our fiscal sponsorship services. 


Before You Apply 

To evaluate new fiscal sponsorships opportunities we want to know a few things about you and your effort:

  1. Do you have a group of folks involved? We typically want to see that you have a committed and well-rounded group that is more than just one or two individuals.
  2. What is your project idea?
  3. Is this a short-term project or are you seeking a more sustained permanent fiscal sponsorship?
  4. What specifically will you be fundraising for? 
  5. When you look around the region, what other groups are working in a similar arena or capacity? Have you spoken with other like-minded groups about your project idea? Tell us why you think your new effort is needed. And why the Urban Greenspaces Institute is a good fit for your idea.





We are particularly interested in new groups that can help diversify the urban conservation community, and those whose work can inform or advance the urban conservation policy agenda.

Areas of focus:

  • urban conservation
  • Climate justice
  • Justice Equity Diversity & Inclusion (JEDI).

You must be a group of three or more people who can independently decide how to direct your resources.

For any and all funds raised for your effort, UGI collects 10% administrative fees to administer your project, cover insurance, bookkeeping, etc. This is a common rate. 



If UGI is not the best fit for your effort, we may be able to recommend other groups that might better match your need and interest. Another group in Portland that does a lot with active transportation, bike fun and humane streets is Umbrella PDX or sometimes neighborhood association district coalitions. 

Please take a look at the current and past fiscal sponsorships and projects we have hosted to get an idea of whether your project might be a good fit for Urban Greenspaces Institute.